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1. jean pan a pyar hay mar nay win+kaw ni
2. the chin ko chit tar lar doe ko chit tar lar hay mar nay win
3. taung tae su net pyae wa ya say thar hay mar nay win+me me kae
4. yuu thwer pyi hay mar nay win+chaw su khin
5. kyate thwer pyi hay mar nay win+yar zar nay win
6. pa hta ma sone a htee kwe zat lan hay mar nay win+ein dra kyaw zin
7. poe pa lan hay mar nay win+chit kaung
8. ka bar ka bar a wayy hay mar nay win+tin zar maw
9. a twe hte mhar taung ma kwe bu hay mar nay win
10. sa nay mhar yawer dae moe hay mar nay win
11. aww main ma hay mar nay win+me me win pae


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